Unlock New Opportunities For Growth

Grow Your Future, Your Way

Rediscover Independence & Fulfillment Through a Meaningful Career Change


Motivated solely by a wish to be a catalyst for meaningful change in the lives of many, I have no vested interest in where you ultimately land.


A bridge connecting you to the competitive intelligence needed to maximize revenue, eliminate stress, and optimize deal negotiations.


Wealth management is an ever-evolving landscape with a myriad of opportunities to explore. I ensure your transition is a seamless one.

Sometimes Hitting a Pause and Objectively Reflecting Upon Your Business

Can Really Put Things into Perspective.

Maximize Your Growth

Is there room to monetize the value of your business?

Do you see opportunities to strengthen the client experience?

Are there operational inefficiencies you could capitalize on?

Independent Opportunities

The financial advisor business is forged on relationships. In recent years the enhancements to the independent model have enabled advisors to adopt latest cutting-edge platforms and services to better engage and retain clients. Financial advisors and clients no longer have the same sense of attachment to the traditional Wall Street firm brands. 

Awaken Your Sense of Fulfillment

Tolerating a toxic work environment and pursuing your vision for success isn’t synonymous with one another. Nor does achieving fulfillment or professional growth equate to tolerating low payouts, onerous compliance restrictions, and unreasonable sales quotas.

Guidance Designed To Shatter Growth Barriers

Everyone experiences fear and self-limiting beliefs when facing change.

Especially professionally.

Will clients follow you if you decide to part ways with a brand name firm?

Will you flourish and thrive in a new environment?

Are you aligning yourself with a partner who has your best interests at heart?

You deserve to celebrate each win in an environment that’s

empowering and supportive.

And because your story is uniquely your own,

I strive to place a strong emphasis on personalization.

With 34 years of experience in the financial ecosystem,

I’ve had the pleasure of building an unrivaled network of relationships,

 All with one sole purpose:

To benefit you.


Have a direct access to a plethora of respected firms and platforms.


Enjoy consultative and confidential career transition guidance.


Discover the success you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Individualized Support For Peace Of Mind

David Keogh


Motivated by the ethos of driving impactful change, I help independent broker dealers and financial advisors escape stagnation, reawaken their sense of fulfillment, and make strategic career moves.

Leveraging over 34 years of diversified experience within the financial services ecosystem, I work as a collaborative partner, helping to drive you closer towards achieving and exceeding your business objectives.

Together, we’ll tackle any and all of your concerns including:

Transitioning to a new investment advisory firm, insurance agency, or independent broker dealer, as well as addressing areas such as custodial platform changes or monetizing business equity.

Who We Work With

Registered Investment Advisory

Are you looking to break away from FINRA's oversight? We work with many nationally known RIAs.

Independent Broker Dealer

Be in business for yourself and not by yourself. All independent broker dealers are not created equal.

General Insurance Agency

Are you currently affiliated with a captive agency? We work with many general agencies that offer products issued by various insurance carriers.

Make the Next Step of Your Career

Be Your Last Transition