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David keogh

As a Financial Advisor Recruiter and Transition Consultant at DJK Consulting LLC, I help advisors take ownership of their practice, achieve work-life balance, and evolve professionally – tackling everything from tactics for strategically selling your practice to identifying a new broker dealer that aligns with your needs. From experience, I understand that making a transition can be both overwhelming and, at times, intimidating.

While I’m partnered with many of the largest networks of IBD’s, RIA’s, and insurance agencies nationwide, my true loyalty lies with you – meaning my advice is always unbiased. I value discretion and understand that maintaining confidentiality is an imperative facet of eliminating disruption to your business and clients.

As your personal consultant, I will conduct an extensive dive into your business, professional preferences, and goals to uncover opportunities tailored specifically to your needs. This process includes your production, assets, client segmentation, business platform requirements, and compliance.

Over the years, I’ve found this type of collaborative partnership serves as a way to uncover and bridge gaps, provide actionable opportunities, and ensure your transition is a seamless one.

With a plethora of long-standing, respected relationships with different firms and platforms, I have a direct line of access to available opportunities, including inside information and deals not advertised to the public – saving you valuable time (and unnecessary headaches).

Think of me as your personal Financial Advisor Recruiter and Transition Consultant who’s purely focused on helping you evaluate your options, negotiate with strength, discuss exit strategies, and discover greater autonomy and success.

Why Choose DJK Consulting?

Empathy, transparency, and integrity are baked into the very DNA of my business.

Placing an emphasis on trustworthiness, I strive to instill a sense of empowerment in each person I work with.

Just as you dedicate your practice to providing high-touch client service, my goal is to deliver the time and personalized attention you need to maximize your success and professional happiness.

David keogh

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